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We care about your smile

We offer a wide range of services from tooth decay treatment, dental hygiene up to dental implants or complicated dental surgery.

We focus on care of the whole family and children and a sensitive and empathetic approach of the physician is a our standard.

If necessary, we can provide treatment under general anesthesia or analgosedation.


Overview of dental clinic services

The initial examination

Every patient undergoes a comprehensive examination during the first visit to the dental clinic. A detailed examination is carried out using modern diagnostic and therapeutic technologies. The initial examination includes undergoing a highly accurate X-ray screening designed for early detection of dental diseases as well as planning the right type of therapy.

Treatment of tooth decay (fillings)

Tooth decay causes tissue damage that must be removed in the first stage of treatment. A space is then created in the tooth, which is filled with a long-lasting dental filling. For adults, we prefer modern composite white fillings. For children, we recommend fissure sealing, which significantly reduces the risk of decay.

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene consists of removing tartar and pigmentation using ultrasound and hand tools. It is a preventive procedure that leads to a reduction in the risk of infection, tooth decay and periodontitis. Dental hygiene also includes instruction in proper tooth brushing.

Dental implants

A dental implant replaces a missing tooth root that is inserted into the jawbone. After healing, an all-ceramic crown is fixed into it, thus creating an artificial tooth. The placement of an implant is the most benign option in the long term to address the loss of one or more teeth. With implants, we can address the loss of multiple teeth or a completely edentulous jaw.

Jaw joint

Most often, problems with the jaw joint are manifested by pain, cracking, flaking, skipping or difficult, even blocked opening of the mouth. For some problems, analgetics, thermotherapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, a home exercise program or the use of a bite splint are sufficient. If non-surgical methods do not help, we will consider possible surgical intervention.


We perform complete and partial wisdom teeth extractions, simple pre-prosthetic adjustments (removal of bone edges), simple mucosal surgery and periodontal surgery. We also specialize in periapical surgery and retrograde endodontic treatment. We are able to completely heal all dentoalveolar trauma (injuries).


Endodontics focuses on the damage to the dental pulp. With the help of a microscope we clean the root system of the tooth. After mechanical cleaning and chemical disinfection, we fill this system with one of a number of materials that harden and usually have a mild disinfectant effect.


We specialize in all-ceramic crowns and bridges, metal-ceramic crowns and bridges, composite crowns and root pins. We also offer a range of removable dentures and so-called adhesive bridges. After a personal consultation, we will recommend the ideal combination of materials and select the most suitable type of restoration for you.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Surgical coverage of exposed tooth necks.

Therapy of periodontitis

We provide periodontal diagnosis, tartar removal, hygiene instruction, and possibly simple periodontal surgeries that effectively clean the deeper structures of the affected tooth.

Teeth whitening

Teeth can be cleaned of pigments by sandblasting (airflow). Subsequently, we apply home whitening systems, during which a product containing hydrogen peroxide is applied for a few hours within a week to 10 days. Of course, an effective anaesthetic can be administered to unblock any pain during the treatment.

Treatment of children

We offer our youngest patients preventive check-ups, cavity removal by filling and orthodontic treatment. A sensitive and empathetic approach of the doctor is a matter of course. We try to set up an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect for smooth cooperation. Parents can prevent many future problems by taking children to the dentist regularly.

Thanks to modern technologies we can solve every problem

Dental surgical microscopes ZUMAX

These devices are used by the dentist directly in action, i.e. during surgical procedures on your teeth and gums. Only thanks to the precision of the instrument's aim and the doctor's steady fingers do you go home satisfied.

New CT (CONE BEAM CT), 3D tissue imaging

This 2D/3D device monitors your mouth from the outside. It has great image quality and is of high quality workmanship and design, for which it even won an award.

The INTEGO kit

The centrepiece of a dental surgery is always the chair with its water supply system, spittoon and service panels. All of this must be comfortable, high quality and, above all, practical. Intego is the best dental suite in its class.


If the dentist needs to study a detail of your mouth, he can simply scan it. The Smart Pixel Sensor processes more than 1,000,000 3D points per second, producing highly accurate data. Among the scanners tested, it is considered the most accurate. The image quality also allows for large format printing.


This is a traditional X-ray, which can precisely target specific points inside the oral cavity and provides very detailed images.

INLAB MC X5 cutter

After scanning, dentures need to be fabricated. This is taken care of by this technological gem that allows the dentist to respond to your needs right in the office. The five-axis unit meets the most demanding requirements of dental lab technicians for efficient production.

Sintering oven

Dentures must be properly formed. In our dental office in Hořovice we use this sintering furnace, designed for zirconia and non-precious metal products. High-quality heating elements and homogeneous temperature distribution in the furnace chamber guarantee precise temperature control throughout the process.


Veneers, artificial teeth, crowns, bridges, restorations. All this is much easier to check and fine-tune using this scanner. Its advantages are accurate data collection, comfortable operation and flexible functions.


It is a unique solution for tooth decay, prevention of periodontal diseases and their maintenance. AIRFLOW PLUS powder conveniently and safely removes biofilm, pigmentation and tartar with reduced need for manual and instrument scaling.


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