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Our facility has modern equipment and revolutionary tools designed for precise dental hygiene. Our dental hygienists pride in compassionategentle approach to all patients.

Financial contributions for dental hygiene for the year 2024

Take advantage of financial contributions for dental hygiene from health insurance companies. A complete overview of them can be found here.

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Dental hygiene

Proper dental care is a vital factor in preventing tooth decay and inflammatory gum disease. Dental hygienists examine the patient's teeth, then provide appropriate treatment. The dental hygienist will teach you how to care for your teeth on a daily basis, ensuring a beautiful and healthy smile.

Why come to us for dental hygiene?

  • we use leading technology and modern tools
  • we use the state-of-the-art procedures in our work
  • we remove tartar sensitively and thoroughly
  • we advise you on how to take care of your teeth properly

The dental hygiene process

A visit to our dental hygiene clinic includes:

  • teeth cleaning with ultrasound
  • removal of dental plaque, tartar and pigmentation
  • manual finishing using special tools
  • sandblasting and polishing with the Airflow device
  • teeth whitening with a long-term effect
  • application of fluoride or bioactive cream with enamel-strengthening calcium
  • detailed inspection and instruction on proper tooth brushing

The importance of tooth care

Healthy, well-maintained teeth make the best first impression. If the patient does not take proper care of their teeth, they put themselves at risk for tooth decay, inflammation, periodontal disease and other dental problems. A key part of proper dental care is prevention, which can effectively prevent future problems.


The dental hygiene process

In our office, we offer patients the possibility of home and in-office teeth whitening. For home whitening, we first create tooth supports using an impression that is individually processed in our laboratory. The patient then performs whitening at home using carbamide peroxide over 10-14 nights. In-office whitening offers a higher concentration of whitening gel, albeit with a potentially lower effect on teeth.

In our office, we will advise you individually which method is more suitable for your teeth, we can also recommend the optimal combination of both of these methods to achieve the best results.

In dental hygiene care, I also attend to the youngest patients, especially children at an early age. It is crucial that they learn to brush their teeth properly from a young age, which helps us prevent tooth decay and other potential problems later in life.

Bc. Valerie Burešová
operations manager and Chief Dental hygienist of the Dental department

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You can make an appointment every working day from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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